Walking For Health
Ilkeston Circular - Part 02
w/e 24 February 2013
All this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Continuing the Walking For Health route I devised, in this part we pick up the walk again at the other end of Darwin Avenue to follow the middle mile of the three mile route.

Moss Road

Diagonally across Moss Road (and currently easily spotted by the temporary barriers across the end whilst excavations are in progress) is a jitty that runs through to Albert Street. "Jitty" is a term commonly in use in this part of the East Midlands but in other parts of the country you may hear the terms "snicket", "ginnel", "jennel", "twichell" or "alley" but they all mean the same thing.
Jitty To Albert Street

The route of the walk was devised to make use of footpaths, jittys, open spaces, short cuts and back streets and as far as possible to keep "off the beaten track". This jitty is just one example. It leads across Albert Street into West Street (above right).
West Street

West Street is a short interconnecting street between Albert Street and South Street and always conjures up images of "olde Ilkestone" to me. The building on the right is now occupied by a company involved in the sale of windows, conservatories, doors and porches but within living memory, it was not unusual to see horses being shod here by the local blacksmith.
South Street

South Street New CrossingSouth Street Old CrossingOn reaching South Street, the route is to turn right and cross at the pedestrian crossing (right) near its junction with Derby Road. Since devising the route in 2006 another pedestrian crossing has been created to the left of West Street (left) which may have been an alternative but vehicles are apt to illegally park on the zig-zag lines so the safer option, especially for a walking group, is still to use the other one.
Chalons Way

Following the pavement round leads to Chalons Way where two more crossings facilitate the way to the opposite side of the dual carriageway. When we walked with the Walking For Health group, there was usually a pause on the other side in the shadow of the three storey building. This was to enable to group to reform and back markers to catch up as the two sides of the crossing here were not synchronised. Since then the crossings have been upgraded and do not cause too much of a hold up for pedestrians. The next stage of the walk is alongside Chalons Way as far as the footbridge just in view here on the left of the image. Unfortunately the traffic on the road makes this the noisiest part of the walk but peace is soon restored after the bridge.
Churchyard Path

When Chalons Way cut through the town it separated part of St Mary's churchyard from the church in the Market Place and now a footpath runs through it from the side of the footbridge between the headstones.
Path Intersection

The path is crossed by another which leads under Chalons Way and up to the Erewash Museum and the town centre to the left and down to 'Illy 'Oleys to the right but our route is straight on and down towards the Chaucer Schools.
Eastwood View

Downhill PathBy The Junior SchoolAs the path winds its way downhill the Infants School is on the right and the Junior School to the left. On a clear day there is a pleasant view from this part of the walk over the rooftops towards Eastwood. The path soon drops down (left) between the railings of the Junior School and the rear of the properties on Gresley Road. About halfway along the school's perimeter (right) is another jitty to the right.
Gresley Road Jitty

Gresley RoadFlamstead Road/Gresley Road junctionThis jitty leads to Gresley Road (left) and onwards to Flamstead Road (right) where the original plan was to cross and use another jitty between the older and newer houses onto the Gordon Street Playing Fields (aka The Ashes). Health and Safety considerations though resulted in an alternative route which avoided a grassy bank on The Ashes so a right turn is necessary at Flamstead Road.
Flamstead Road

These properties back onto The Ashes which we will reach by following Flamstead Road towards Park Cemetery and turning left into Cantelupe Road and then left again along a short street called Farfield Road.
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As this is a circular walk it can be joined at any point and it is never very far from the town centre but if you would like to see a map/aerial view of the whole route, then follow this link.

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