West Hallam Walk No. 3 - Part 01
w/e 06 July 2014
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490
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The third of the three short walks around West Hallam described in a "Family Walks" leaflet is a little over two and a half miles in length, the first half of which is mainly on a long distance footpath linking Ashbourne and Ilkeston called the Centenary Way. The return to the village is also along paths through fields but on a different and less well used route.

St Wilfrid's Road

The walk begins at The Dales shopping area car park in the village centre, turns left to pass through The Village and follows St Wilfrid's Road as far as the white cottage a little way down the hill.

All the walks in the leaflet have one or more questions aimed at younger members of the family. Walk No. 3 has only one which asks for the name the track we followed by the side of the white cottage and advises that the answer can be found by referring to the map in the leaflet.

(The map can be seen in the leaflet that can be downloaded from the Family Walks Index page and the answer is also revealed in the text at the end of the walk.)

The track continues gently downhill until it reaches a gate and stile at its lowest point where climbing over the stile also took us over this small water course or, as identified on OS maps, a drain.
Hidden Footpath

The Centenary Way then continues over three fields and keeping the hedge-line on the left we headed for St Mary's Church in Ilkeston which is directly in front on the horizon. The summer growth of the grass has obscured much of the path but having walked this way several times before in both directions, we were quite sure of the way unlike the return route as we shall see later. In fact there is already a page on this site from when we walked along the Centenary Way to West Hallam way back in May 2002 (link).
Fourth Field

If there were any uncertainty about the route of the path the positions of the gates and stiles were always there to confirm its position. The first three fields were empty of livestock but the fourth was being grazed by sheep.

The sheep totally ignored us apart from this one who gave us a quizzical look before returning to its grass munching activity.

All through the fields there had been many small dark purple or brown butterflies or moths flitting about. I'm no lepidopterist so I'm not positive about their species but we did spot one solitary Comma on a fence post in the field of sheep. Note the strands of wool caught on the barbed wire fence.

About two thirds of the way into the sheep field we crossed over this sturdy looking stile and turned right.

Climbing another stile in the corner of the field we continued towards High Lane East (still at West Hallam) this time with the hedge-line on the right passing a water trough on the way.
Butterfly Cottage

We reached High Lane East by climbing over yet another stile and walking down the drive to the building which the name plate on the wall identified quite appropriately at Butterfly Cottage. At the road we turned right again towards Ilkeston leaving the Centenary Way and will pick up the route from there in Part 02.
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