Walking To West Hallam Via The Centenary Way
w/e 12 May 2002

Centenary Way

 A marker at the end of this track between two properties on the High Lane points the way to the "Centenary Way" and that is the route we took on a hazy, warm May afternoon towards the village of West Hallam.
Rural Landscape
The track led to a number of styles and a little used footpath. About half way along the path this view from one of the styles back towards Ilkeston shows a rural landscape with cattle grazing in the fields.
Farm Track 
After crossing a number of fields and and staying well clear of the young bulls in one of them we reached another track that started the gentle incline up to the village.
Glebe Farm 
To the left Glebe Farm stood atop the hillside and looked like the set of a horror movie such as "Psycho" or "The House On Haunted Hill".
St Wilfrid's Road 
But just a couple of hundred yards further on, the track joined St Wilfrid's Road and a left turn took us towards the centre of the village.
Punch Bowl
And in the centre of the village, the Punch Bowl Public House is a popular venue with customers not only from West Hallam but from much further afield.

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