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Popularly known as the 'Sherwood Foresters', the 1st Battalion Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment were at Ilkeston's Annual Carnival on June 11th 2001. The Regimental Recruiting Team proved a major attraction but these youngsters were perhaps a little too young to 'sign up' despite their obvious enthusiasm.
The paint ball target alley (below) drew large queues of people willing to test their aim.

Target practice also featured inside the travelling exhibition centre in the form of video games but the more serious side was visible in numerous photographs and displays on the caravan walls. 

This particular display ofVictoria Cross Recipients also featured a photogrpah of the War Memorial at Crich in Derbyshire, a prominent landmark visible for miles around and known as Crich Stand.

Since I first introduced the Crich Stand page to this web site , I have received a number of enquiries from people who have had relatives who had served with the regiment. Whilst I have been unable to offer little help in their quest for more information I have now included on this page a document (left) that I obtained from the Foresters giving details and an address for those seeking information.

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Sherwood Foresters
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