Ilkeston - Summer Is Here!
w/e 30 June 2024
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

After weeks of cool and wet weather, summer finally arrived (briefly) in Ilkeston and we took advantage of it with a walk that took in part of the Erewash Canal, but we didn't see a great deal of it.

Erewash Canal

Usually we would walk along the hard-surfaced towpath on the eastern side of the canal. This time we approached the canal on the western side via Chichester Close and Wortley Close. After wending our way through the bushes, trees and undergrowth we caught our first and only glimpse of the water.

As we continued along the unmade path other views of the canal were obscured by the high and thick growth of the encroaching nettles.

The unmade path soon joins a tarmac covered footpath from Cantelupe Road and continues behind the houses but the canal is now hidden behind the growth on the right.

Brambles on the left were full of flowers and promise a good crop of blackberries.
The Ashes

The footpath leads to Gordon Street Playing Fields more commonly known as The Ashes.
Rupert Street

Exiting the playing fields we continued along Rupert Street to Station Road. Gordon Street after which the playing fields are named is the road on the left whilst the canal is now behind the houses on the right.
Station Road

We crossed Station Road and turned into Canal Street which runs parallel with the Erewash Canal but a distance from it.
Mill Street

The other end of Canal Street joins Mill Street where a look to the right shows where the canal runs past the end of the street - but it's still not visible from here.

We turned the opposite way, away from the canal and then right into Meadow Street to access Johnny's or as it is officially called Wash Meadow. It would appear that "No Mow May" has been extended into "Now Mow June" and probably "No Mow July" too.
Graffiti says that "street art tends to be image-based, whereas graffiti is more commonly word-based" so from that I think the painted wall between Johnny's and the Tesco car park is covered with graffiti. The weather after our walk turned to "changeable" and that is the ongoing forecast so if we want another walk in the summer sunshine along the Erewash Canal we shall have to wait until it changes back again and probably choose the other side of the canal.

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