Ilkeston - The Changing Season
w/e 11 February 2024
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300


Snowdrops in our garden are an obvious reminder that the seasons are changing. The label is not really necessary anymore as the flowers appear here as regular as clockwork every February.
Cantelupe Road

There are also signs of the approach of spring with the yellow crocuses that are always first to show alongside Cantelupe Road. More crocuses of varying colours will also appear here and all the way down the road but it's always the yellow ones that come first.
St Mary's Churchyard

This month though is more noted for the snowdrops rather than early crocuses and there are plenty to be seen in St Mary's Churchyard.
Autumn's Leaves

They're behind the church too pushing up through autumn's fallen leaves.
Path To Nowhere

Fallen twigs and branches - the result of recent storms - are no deterrent to the tiny flowers. The path here through the churchyard always brings back memories of the route taken from Hallcroft School up to the church for special services there. The school has now gone and new housing and Chalons Way block the route at one end whilst Cantelupe Centre at the other also forms a barrier so it's now a path to and from nowhere.
Memorial Garden

In the Memorial Garden overlooking the Market Place there are more clumps of snowdrops and something bright is also showing in front of the library - but it's not snowdrops.
Yellow & Purple

Also in the Memorial Garden are more of those early yellow crocuses and these are joined by some spindly purple ones too.

And rather unexpectedly considering we've had a fall of snow this week, was a very early daffodil that has already started to open.


Investigating that bright colour in front of the library, it was found to be blossom - another sign of the changing season.
More To Come

And back at home the garden is bringing us more colour with lots of crocuses and also the promise of more flowers to come with the young green shoots of irises. Really must get on top of the weeding though. That's the downside to the changing season!

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