Ilkeston - We Will Remember Them
w/e 13 November 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

Whether it's looking back to two World Wars and many other recent conflicts or further back still to the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, or even looking forward to Advent and the Christmas season thinking of our loved ones no longer with us, November is a month of remembrance.

Park Cemetery

With the rhyme "Remember, remember the fifth of November" and Guy Fawkes celebrations still in mind, school children from Chaucer School attended a remembrance service in Park Cemetery to lay crosses at the War memorial there well before the Remembrance weekend.
Hallam Fields Memorial

Similarly children from Hallam Fields School visited the memorial in the grounds of The Stute well before Armistice Day to join members of the Royal British Legion (RBL) for another service.
Stanton Road Cemetery

RBL representatives were present at all the services and held another short one in Stanton Road Cemetery where, like Park Cemetery, there are a number of Commonwealth War Graves.
Armistice Day Service

On Friday November 11th, Armistice Day, a small number of the general public joined civic dignitaries, veterans and more RBL representatives at the town's main war memorial to pay their respects. After the service the RBL Standard Bearer told me he would be on duty again on Sunday but at another location in Stanley Village.
At The Cenotaph

Some of those attending posed at the Cenotaph after the service and many of them were there again on Remembrance Sunday.

Poppy Display

And on Remembrance Sunday a service with civic dignitaries was held in St Mary’s at 10am, followed by the service at the Cenotaph around 10.45 am.
Civic Party

After the St Mary's service, the civic party walked in procession to assemble outside the library facing the Cenotaph.
Remembrance Day Service

They were joined by thousands of other residents who stood on all sides of the Market Place to join in the Remembrance Service on a misty but unseasonably mild November morning. The weather matched the mood of the sombre occasion.
Standard Bearers

On the other side of the Cenotaph, facing the library, Standard Bearers representing various groups lined up whilst their group members lined the inside of the arena.
March Past

After the service, all the groups marched out of the arena to parade in front of the Mayoral Party, led of course by the Royal British Legion.

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