Ilkeston - Buses, Bikes & Bible Scenes
w/e 14 August 2022
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

The Heritage and Classic Vehicle Show returned to Ilkeston on Sunday August 14th and many vehicles were arranged in groups around the Market Place and wider town centre.

Buses & Bikes

It seemed like a return to the old days with buses lined up on the Market Place and there were dozens of motor bikes parked around the War Memorial.
Military Vehicles, Lorries & Tractors

It wasn't only buses and bikes as there were also large military vehicles at the northern side of the Market Place and big lorries and tractors on the Pimlico car park.

Steam Powered

A selection of old steam powered vehicles attracted a lot of interest on Wharncliffe Road.
Police Vehicles

And three different classic Police vehicles were lined up on the "old Co-Op corner" as it is still referred to even though the Co-Op has long relinquished the building.
Sports Cars

There were sports cars outside the Town Hall .....
Old Cars

.... and vintage vehicles along the church wall.
New Cars

Brand new cars with their bonnets raised for closer inspection were also positioned on the Co-Op corner.
Ilkeston Brass

And further entertainment was provided by Ilkeston Brass around the fountain.
Packed Market Place

The rest of the Market Place was packed with classic family cars, camper vans and other assorted vehicles - and of course people who turned out in force again on a sunny, hot day to support the event.
Inside St Mary's Church

Many of those people also flooded into the cooler atmosphere in St Mary's Church and enjoyed the Knitted Bible Exhibition that featured over 300 knitted figures in 40 scenes arranged around the church.

Entry into Jerusalem

The Vehicle Show was only on for one day but the Bible Exhibition continued for four more days until Thursday and volunteers welcomed a steady flow of visitors to view the scenes like the one above which depicts Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.

The Last Supper

The life of Jesus featured heavily in the exhibition from the Nativity to the Easter Story but the whole of the Bible was covered from Genesis to Revelation, from Adam and Eve to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. but the last photo in this selection from the day is of the Last Supper.

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