Ilkeston - Weekend Wander
w/e 03 July 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

Saturday afternoon and no new photos for this page. Weather forecast for showers so what to do? It looks like a weekend wander then so with nowhere in particular in mind and ready to dodge the raindrops, we set off into the town centre.

By three o'clock we'd finished our walk and were waiting for a bus at the bottom of Bath Street to take us back home. This is the last photo taken looking up Bath Street towards the Market Place. The market traders were packing up when we had passed them earlier, not many of the shops were open and to all intents and purposes, Ilkeston was closed. In truth there were not many people about at all and those that were, were mainly in vehicles. The price of fuel doesn't seem to be having a big impact but we had walked to here and the rest of the photos on this page show some of the places we passed on the way.


The first stop on our walk was at the southern end of Chalons Way at the area still known as White Lion Square. The White Lion pub along with many other buildings in this area was demolished some years ago before Chalons Way was built. As usual during the summer the railings around the island was bedecked with flowers troughs.
Three of Five

The large island at this major road junction that has five circular flower beds on it, was decorated for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with the Union Flag design. It is looking better as every day passes and will be at its best with the white flowers showing through more just in time for the visit of the "In Bloom" judges. Three of the five beds can be seen in this picture.
Wildflower Bed

Also ready for the "In Bloom" judges will be the new wildflower bed that has been created in front of Toll Bar House on the Derby Road exit from the island.
Market Place

We continued our walk up South Street to the Market Place and with the rain threatening, popped into the Library for a browse while it passed. We left and walked across the Market Place where the flowers in the beds around the War Memorial and in the tubs are already in full bloom.
Hanging Baskets

There are more flowers behind the railings in front of the Town Hall and a sign on those railings reads "Britain In Bloom UK Finalist 2022 with the RHS". Next door to the Town Hall the Sir John Warren is making its own effort to brighten the town centre ready for the judges arriving with a fine display of hanging baskets both here at the front and at the rear of the property on Pimlico.
Victoria Park

Inevitably our walk took us past the Warren and along New Lawn Road to Victoria Park.
Long Border

After a look at the wildflower area and insect hotel on the Bristol Road side of the park we made our way into the centre where the Long Border is overflowing with flowering plants and bushes.
Central Beds

But the pièce de résistance of course is the central area where the flower beds are looking splendid.

Wildflowers In The Park

The Council's Green Space Team have created several new wildflower beds at various places in the town this year and as we were heading toward the exit at the lower end of Bristol Road we spotted another one in the park. This one is much more colourful than the already established area in the park we had passed earlier.
Wildflower Mix

This one reminded me of the Frank Sinatra song "New York, New York" - so good I had to photograph it twice. I actually photographed several more times as well from different angles but selected this one to show off the mix of flowers. From here we headed for the bottom of Bath Street and one more photo - the one at the top of this page. Ilkeston on Saturday afternoon may have been closed but the flowers were certainly open.

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