Ilkeston - Viking Takeover
w/e 29 May 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300


There are often themed weeks at the Erewash Museum and various groups visiting but this week the Vikings have taken over.
Paris Siege Model

Victorious Vikings Week LeafletViking Festival Leaflet
The fierce looking character in the first image above was looking after a model illustrating the battle when the Viking fleet sailed up the River Seine in France and laid siege to Paris in the year 885. See the Warfare History website for a detailed account of the siege.
His fellow Viking (on the right of the first image above) was pointing the way to their encampment on the museum's lawn and also telling everyone about the "Battle of a Thousand Spears", a Viking Festival that is due to be held in Locko Park near Derby towards the end of June. This will be a one-off event where Viking re-enactors will recreate a large Viking army encampment.
Viking Camp

The Viking visitors had set up camp on the museum's lawn.

On display were items of clothing and armour including a helmet and shield.

More helmets, gloves, shields and weapons were also on view.

A gentler side of the Viking personality could be seen with the soothing sounds of a harp.
Picture Colouring

There were many activities for children inside the museum and one young lady at least enjoyed colouring the pictures.
Longboat Building

In the Hayloft museum volunteers were supervising the building of Viking longboats where there were more pictures to colour and also a wordsearch puzzle to keep children entertained.
Norse Storytelling

But back on the lawn, as more people arrived they were treated to some Norse storytelling.

Battle Re-enactment

And the climax came as demonstrations of Norse battle strategies took place but despite the ferocious fighting, no-one from the re-enactment group was hurt and all survived to fight another day.

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