Ilkeston - Trains and Boats and .... Birds
w/e 08 May 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

A short walk along the towpath of the Erewash Canal between Potter's Lock and Green's Lock brought to mind the song "Trains and Boats and Planes" composed by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, which became a hit record in 1965. Whilst we didn't see any planes we did see both trains and boats.

Northbound Train

The canal follows a similar route to both the meandering River Erewash and the railway line which crosses the river near Potter's Lock at the site of a former mill. The mill which gives its name to Mill Lane up to Cossall is long gone but that is where we saw the first train through the trees that have grown on the site of the mill.
Southbound Train

A little further along the canal the railway lines are closer to the towpath and it was here that a southbound train thundered past.

The boats of course were narrow boats and it was the "Omega" that was moored within sight of the footbridge over the canal at Potter's Lock.

Passing through the lock was another boat - the "Rocyn".
Erewash Canal

Whilst we didn't see any planes, we did see plenty of birds. A swan was swimming below the gates at Potter's Lock whilst its mate sat on a nest near the footbridge. That's the "Omega" again further along the canal.


Another bird we saw near Potter's Lock was a friendly robin feeding on the bridge over the river. I'm sure if I'd have held the food in my hand he would have eaten it from there.

Two mallards on the canal also swam expectantly towards us.

But a couple of moorhens were not at all interested and swam away.
In Flight

No planes but I did manage to capture two more ducks in flight as they swooped along the canal.
Ducks In A Row

Meanwhile there were more ducks in a row taking an afternoon siesta in the sunshine at Green's Lock. As we left the canal and followed the tree shrouded path back home, we couldn't see the birds in the branches above but bird song serenaded us all the way back to the road. None of it however resembled Burt Bacharach and David's song but that is the earworm that's been in my head ever since!

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