Marlpool - Hufton's Coppice
w/e 01 May 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

Hufton's Coppice

Over the years we've visited many woods in the local area during April and May to enjoy the wonderful displays of bluebells but this is the first time we've visited Hufton's Coppice Community Woodland on the edge of Shipley Country Park at Marlpool. This sign is at the entrance to the wood from Holmesfield Drive.
Fallen Tree

We'd actually entered the wood from Coppice Drive and after carefully crossing a small brook one of the first things that greeted us was a fallen tree but we could already see the bluebells all around.
To Holmesfield Drive

We turned left and followed the path up to Holmesfield Drive with the brook on the left and bluebells covering the ground to the right.
White Bluebells

It may seem a contradiction in terms but among the bluebells there were some white bluebells. According to the Woodland Trust "Wild white English bluebells are incredibly rare. They occur when the flower’s blue pigment is missing, making them ‘albino’ bluebells." and " However white and pink versions of the Spanish bluebell are common." There are several differences between the varieties but an easy way to differentiate is that Spanish bluebells grow on upright stems whilst the English flowers grow on one side of a drooping stem.
To Newcastle Plantation

We turned right at the sign at Holmesfield Road and headed southwards towards the Newcastle Plantation, site of the former Newcastle Colliery.

Into The Wood

But we soon turned off the main path to follow one of the many smaller tracks that criss cross the woodland where the ground was awash with bluebells.

Bluebells, bluebells, bluebells!

Whichever way we turned, bluebells were everywhere.
Close Up

The beautiful flowers were just begging to be photographed so here is the obligatory close up.
One Last look

We soon found our way back to the fallen tree and made our way out of the woodland over the brook again - but not before one last look at the fabulous display of bluebells on the woodland floor.

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