Ilkeston - Pioneer Meadows LNR, Kirk Hallam
w/e 24 April 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Nikon D3300

Deep in the, mists of time we had a walk around Pioneer Meadows Local Nature Reserve at Kirk Hallam. Well actually it was back in March 2005 (link) but this week I had an appointment in Kirk Hallam and with half an hour to kill, we decided to have another look at Pioneer Meadows as it was only a couple of minutes away.

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In 2005 I included an extract from the information board on the site showing the location of each photo as we progressed in a clockwise direction around the lake. Since than the board has been changed and is now in colour so I've again added the photo positions to an extract which this time shows that we took a shorter walk through the Reserve in an anti-clockwise direction.


The entrance to the Reserve is via a short drive off Wirksworth Road and appears to have changed little since our previous visit.
Car Park

The drive leads to a small car park and the updated information board is situated at the far end.
Information Board

A closer look at the board which is now in full colour.
The Lake

We followed the path from the car park and turned off down another one to the edge of the lake.
Vole Dancing

As we walked along the edge of the lake I was startled by a sudden movement around my feet. A small vole less than two inches long had darted from the undergrowth on the left and was scuttling towards the water but it was as startled as me and was twisting and turning to avoid my feet as I was doing the same to avoid it. It's a good job no-one was there to see us as it must have looked a very comical sight as I danced with the vole.
Woodland Path

We turned away from the lake to follow a path through the trees. I thought there might be some bluebells in the wood but the only colourful flowers we spotted were dandelions!
Sow Brook

The path led us to the southern boundary of the Reserve which is marked by the Sow Brook.

Continuing in an anti-clockwise direction we passed the footbridge over the brook which has been upgraded since 2005. The path on the other side of the brook continues along the boundary and can be followed to Dale Abbey - a route we have followed several times during the Autumn Footprints Walking Festival.

Turning away from the southern boundary we walked back to the car park with the wood on the left and a meadow on the right.


It was along here that we paused for one last photo and that was of the blossom on one of the trees in the wood.

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