Ilkeston - Dudley & Eunice
w/e 20 February 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Some parts of the UK have been devastated this week as two storms Dudley and Eunice swept across the country. By and large Ilkeston's doesn't seem to have fared too badly although two plastic panels have been blown out of our greenhouse (not for the first time) and we currently have a "sunroof"!

South Street

As we walked along South Street into the town centre on Thursday in the tail end of Dudley, it was a bit blowy but it looked as though we were set for a fine day.
Market Place

Most of the market traders though had taken heed of the weather warnings as had a lot of the population and the Market Place was sparsely populated.

Overnight winds had brought down some small branches and twigs and they lay in front of the Library.
Town Hall

Flags on the Town Hall were only fluttering gently - but they were on the sheltered side.
Former Co-Op

In comparison a flag on top of the former Co-Op building across Wharncliffe Road from the Town Hall, which has been hanging by a thread for some time now, was almost horizontal in the stiff breeze.
Bath Street

More flags on the corner of East Street and Bath Street were also catching the breeze, fluttering wildly and wrapping themselves around their respective flag poles.

On Bath Street itself, I don't know where it had come from but litter had been spread across the road by the wind.
Toppled Bins

Thursday is refuse collection day in the town centre and several bins left out for the collectors had been blown over.

Later on Saturday in the aftermath of Eunice, we spotted one panel in a long fence had been dislodged but if this is all that's been sustained, we've actually got off lightly.

Cantelupe Road

Also on Saturday we noticed more detritus on Cantelupe Road but were heartened by the fact that all the trees were still standing and also by the sight of the season's first crocuses on 'Illy 'Oleys.

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