Ilkeston - Spring Awakening
w/e 06 February 2022

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Green shoots have appeared in the garden so we decided to see if spring was about to waken from its slumbers elsewhere in the town.

Victoria Park

A good place to start is always Victoria Park.
Snowdrop Clump

And indeed a clump of snowdrops had already pushed through the autumnal leaves near Manners Road.
Central Beds

The central beds have been planted and a few colours on the flowers are beginning to show.

There is no sign of blossom on the trees on the Bristol Road side of the park yet but the twisted trunks and branches are creating some interesting patterns. Soon the ground here will be awash with daffodils and crocuses.
Bristol Road

And towards the top end of the park alongside Bristol Road, more snowdrops are adding a bit of contrast to the green of the grass.
Park Gates

We left the park via the gates at the corner of Bristol Road and Drummond Road and primulas in the beds here are adding a little more spring colour.
Recreation Ground

The same can be said of the bed on Oakwell Drive near the entrance to the Recreation Ground.
Ilson Giant

We made our way to the cemetery on Stanton Road where the Ilson Giant has been keeping a watchful eye on his surroundings all winter.
Early Crocuses

Early crocuses at the far end of the cemetery have already put in an appearance in the open ground.


But it's in the shelter of the headstones near the entrance that the snowdrops are at their most plentiful. Yes its still only early February but spring is starting to awake.

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