Shipley Country Park - Osborne's Detour
w/e 12 December 2021

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Storm Barra blew through the district this week and the wind was still blowing when we ventured into Shipley Country Park and made our way to Osborne's Pond.

The Beach

We'd taken a bag of corn with us as we knew the weather would have kept many people away and the birds at Osborne's Pond would be missing the attention they usually get at the feeding area. As we approached they all gathered on the "beach".

Feeding Frenzy

And they really were hungry and gathered at our feet for a feeding frenzy.
Osborne's Pond

There isn't normally a beach at the pond but the water level is much lower than usual.
Two Paths

We began to walk around the pond taking the left hand path here. We would return via the right hand path.
Maintenance Work

The reason for the lower water level is because it has been reduced intentionally to allow for routine inspection and maintenance work to be carried out on the dam wall and spillway alongside Shipley Lane.
Road Closed

Shipley Lane is in fact closed whilst the work is carried out so we could not continue around the pond and this is where the detour began.
Shipley Lane

So we turned right and walked up Shipley Lane towards Derby Lodge.

Before reaching the Lodge we turned off to continue up the hill over one of the paths mowed into the grass. Storm Barra had left the grass waterlogged and it was quite slippery.

At the top of the hill we turned right and headed towards Cinderhill Coppice but turned right again before reaching the coppice to descend to the pond.
Back To The Pond

As we reached the pond we found all the birds had disappeared from the feeding area and not only that so had all of the corn we had left for them!

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