Ilkeston - Along A Canal Path
w/e 21 November 2021

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Monk's Close

We had some shopping to do at the other side of town. We could have taken the car, caught a bus or walked through the town centre streets but it was a lovely autumn morning so we decided to take the scenic route on foot and headed down Monk's Close towards Potter's Lock on the Erewash Canal.
Near Side Path

Before reaching the Lock we turned left to follow the footpath on the near side of the canal.

The towpath runs on the other side of the canal and is obviously close to the water. It is well used by both pedestrians and cyclists.

On this side of the canal there is more vegetation, brambles and undergrowth between the path and the water and it passes between many trees as well which at this time of year are showing their autumn colours.
Mirror Like

In places the path does come close to the water and in the stillness of the morning, there were some impressive mirror like reflections.
Straightening Out

The canal meanders following the contour line but the path whilst not being straight does follow a more direct line. From this point though the canal can be seen turning to follow a straight line towards Station Road.
Bend In Canal

And from a little further and looking back, the bend in the canal's route can be seen and provides another opportunity to see the reflections in the water.
The Ashes

The path now moves away from the canal as it reaches the Gordon Street Playing Field or, as it is more commonly known, The Ashes.
Football Pitch

I can never walk across The Ashes without thinking of the time more than 60 years ago when I scored in the far goal posts direct from a corner on a muddy pitch during a school games lesson. I kicked the heavy leather ball with all my might from the canal side of the pitch and up the slight slope. It just reached the goal mouth, skidded off the mud and went between the posts. Not the most spectacular goal I ever scored but it still brings a smile to my face!

Erewash Canal

Anyway back to the present and we continued our walk from the Ashes, along Rupert Street to Station Road, turned right and paused on the bridge over the canal for this photo before continuing on our shopping trip.

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