Ilkeston - Return of the Forties
w/e 03 October 2021

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

In the past we have been to many special events at the Erewash Museum, Brass Band Concerts, Motorbike Days and Garden Parties to name just three but since the pandemic struck many of these events have been cancelled. The regular "Swing Back To The Forties" day is usually held in June each year and that to fell victim to the coronavirus but it made its return on Saturday 25th September 2021 - and we were there.

Military Police

High Street was closed to all vehicles except those that were part of the event and an old Military Police vehicle was parked outside the museum's gates.

There were more military and civilian vehicles parked inside the grounds including the little blue vehicle on the right. This was "Betsy" the Bradford, a 1948 car bought in 1951 by the present owner's father and which now has over 320,000 miles on the clock.
Ice Cream Stall

An old style ice cream stall also stood in the grounds but we weren't tempted to try the wares.
Knitting Demonstration

Inside the museum were several special displays and exhibitions for the day. This lady was demonstrating crocheting and knitting and showed how bandages were knitted as part of the war effort in the 1940s.
Do Your Bit And Knit

Other garments, patterns and photographs were on display headed by a war time slogan "Do Your Bit And Knit".
Forties Fashion

In another room many items common in the 1940s were on display and forties fashion was also much in evidence.
Annie Andrews

Outside Annie Andrews gave several performances throughout the day singing songs that were popular during the decade and particularly during the war years.
Swing Dancing

Demonstrations of popular dances were also provided on the lawn by the Festival Swing Dance Society.

Churchill & Piper

The event was also graced by "Winston Churchill" seen here waiting to be piped in to give his stirring speech.
Royal British Legion

Veterans and members of the Royal British Legion enjoyed the entertainment and volunteers raised funds for the Legion selling various items including of course poppy mementoes for Remembrance Day. The event concluded with a Remembrance ceremony led by the Legion.

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