Ilkeston - Summer Colour
w/e 25 July 2021

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Autumn is rightly famous for its golden hues and springtime flowers bring joy as they mark the end of a drab winter palette but after a few days of gloriously sunny weather the summer flowers are now in their prime. Yes it's been done before and the locations have often been featured here but it would be remiss of me to let the season pass without preserving a few shots from this year's vibrant displays for posterity.


And there's probably none more vibrant than this bed at the junction of Stanton Road and Cavendish Road.
White Lion Square

Just as colourful are the five beds, three of which can be seen here, on the island at the White Lion Square end of Chalons Way.
Fire Station

Three of the five visible at White Lion Square and two of the three planters full of geraniums outside the Fire Station at the Derby Road / Oakwell Drive junction can be seen here.
War Memorial

There are also two beds, one either side of the War Memorial on the Market Place, and these have colour matching begonias to go with the geraniums.

Lower Market

Two more beds, these in the shade of the church wall on the Lower Market Place, are full of gorgeous purple flowers - are they dahlias?
Victoria Park

Of course the jewel in the crown or the pièce de résistance in the town is Victoria Park where the flowers at the entrance gates are looking their best just in time for the judges of the annual In Bloom competition.
Wild Flowers

It's not just the formal beds either as the area in the park devoted to wild flowers is also looking good with the Bowls pavilion in the background.
Long Border

Just around the corner from the wild flowers is the start of the Long Border running through the centre of the park.
Central Beds

The Long Border can also be seen here on the right as it runs alongside the central beds which are filled again with red and purple flowers with some of the beds bordered by silver leafed plants. This harks back to Victorian times when vibrant colours were the order of the day.
Subtle Hues

Contrasting with the bright central beds are the circular islands at either end with subtle hues of white and green. There are obviously more beds throughout the town and the Council's Green Space Team must once again be congratulated on their efforts particularly through the coronavirus pandemic in keeping the flower beds in good order. Hopefully the In Bloom judges will be impressed and once again decide a Gold Award is well deserved.

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