Shipley - Shipley Gate
w/e 13 June 2021

All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Shipley Gate is a small area where Newmanleys Road in the Parish of Eastwood, Nottinghamshire meets Long Lane in that of Shipley in Derbyshire.


In times gone by a corn mill powered by water from the Erewash stood on the northern side of the river and a large warehouse despite its semi=derelict state, still stands proudly nearby.
River Erewash

The river today flows calmly through the valley and looking upstream, hardly seems capable of powering a large corn mill.
River Bridge

But sluice gates and weirs in the past where the water passes under the road would have been enough to generate enough power to keep the mill busy.
Old Slaughterhouse

The first three images above all show the Nottinghamshire side of the boundary, the river being the boundary between the two counties but a little further along the road on the Derbyshire side, a sign on a building proclaims "The Old Slaughterhouse" but why there was a slaughterhouse here is not immediately clear.
Erewash Canal

Just beyond the Old Slaughterhouse the road crosses the Erewash Canal where, in the distance, a more recent addition of the wind turbine at Newthorpe, towers above the landscape.
Canal Bridge

I walked a little way along the towpath for this view looking back to the bridge over the canal with Boat Inn Farm on the opposite bank. The presence of a farm is most likely the reason for the slaughterhouse.
Shipley Lock

On the other side of the bridge the canal passes through Shipley Lock and today there is a small car park alongside the lock which makes a good starting point to explore further.
(In the past I have enjoyed a walk in the Autumn Footprints Walking Festival from Langley Mill, along the disused Nottingham Canal to Shipley Gate, returning along the Erewash Canal towpath but it would be just as easy to start from here to complete the circuit - images on this page).
Two Swans

At the far end of the lock two swans were sunning themselves by the towpath and a little further on along the path the canal and the river come together with the canal crossing the river via an aqueduct.
Boat Inn Farm

The road continues from the canal and the car park past the Boat Inn Farm but then a barrier across it indicates a private road beyond.

From the barrier the Shipley Boat Inn or MFN as it is now called meaning "Miles From Nowhere" is next on the right. Described on its website as "A unique venue in 8 acres of the Amber Valley" and prior to the pandemic was well known for bike, car, music nights and Festival the venue is now opening again as restrictions ease. The road swings round the building and travels about a quarter of a mile before passing under the railway line and returning the same distance on the other side. Pedestrians however can use the footbridge (on the left) and then continue the climb up the appropriately named Long Lane to Heanor Road. - or return to the car and travel back to Eastwood!

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