Ilkeston - Shipley Wood
w/e 23 May 2021
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Apart from a brief view of bluebells in Thompson's Wood at Wollaton, we have seen very little of the flowers this year due to the coronavirus restrictions and some inclement weather. Taking advantage of a break in the rain I went to a local wood to see if they were still flowering although it is getting late in the season.


The walk started close to the Ilkeston Community Hospital where a path on the right at the entrance leads into Shipley Wood.

The main entrance though is a little further along Heanor Road opposite the end of Church Street.
Church Street

The road from the entrance leads through the wood and according to one map I looked at, this too is called Church Street.
Fence Gap

The road is lined with fences on both sides but there are occasional gaps leading to footpaths through the wood.


It was through one of the gaps that I saw some of the bluebells and although they are now past their best and are coming to the end of the season, they were still a delight to behold.
Private Road

At the end of the wood the road continues as a private road to the right to some residential properties and straight ahead as a footpath to the site of the former American Adventure theme Park but it was here that I turned left to follow a path through the wood.

The narrow path continues between the trees and offered views through clearings and more distant bluebells but I continued straight ahead to the edge of the wood.
Shipley Common

As I reached that edge it became obvious I had misjudged that break in the weather as the rain started to fall. I took the path out of the wood onto Shipley Common.

I followed the hedgerow up the Common where the trees offered a little shelter from the precipitation until a gap in the hedge led to Laneward Close and Shipley Common Lane.
Emergency Access

And to complete the circuit I continued along Shipley Common Lane past another way in to the Hospital. A chain across the entrance prevents access for vehicles and pedestrian access is also prevented by a warning sign hanging from it that advises that this is only an Emergency Access. With the rain now splattering the lens I made my own emergency exit and returned home!

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