Ilkeston - Blossom
w/e 02 May 2021
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

I've heard of the expression "Painting the town red" but with all the blossom that is currently on display it's been more a case of painting the town pink this week. This selection of images were all taken at various random spots whilst out walking through the town during the week.

Park Road

This was seen in a front garden on Park Road.

The entrance road to Morrisons supermarket is lined with young trees.
Stanton Road

An older tree is doing its best to disguise a telegraph pole on Stanton Road.
Saint Andrew's Drive

There's a fine display on the triangle of land on Saint Andrew's Drive.
Town Hall Car Park

And behind the Town Hall there's another blossoming tree on the car park.
Chalons Way

This brightly coloured tree is at the southern end of Chalons Way.
Wharncliffe Road

The blossoming tree in the garden of a house on Wharncliffe Road contrasts sharply with those that have been pollarded on the pavement.
West End Drive

Whilst another tree in a garden is overhanging the pavement for all to see on West End Drive.
Jackson Avenue

A bench at the Jackson Avenue bus stop where Wharncliffe Road meets Lord Haddon Road is facing the wrong way if you want to sit and admire the late show of daffodils in front of the blossoming trees.

Nottingham Road

There's another bench half way up (or down) Nottingham Road and tall conifers shelter another display of blossom. It is also easier to see whilst sitting on the bench as the tree is to the side rather than behind but like all the other locations it brightens the town for everyone passing by.

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