Ilkeston - Park Cemetery
w/e 21 March 2021
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

It may sound a little morbid but I've been to Park Cemetery many times for several different reasons. I've been to funerals, to take flowers or wreathes to the graves of family members, to Open Days organised by the Friends of Park Cemetery and Christmas Concerts in one of the chapels as fundraisers for the same group. I've even walked through the cemetery on a Walking For Health route but this time, instead of visiting the usual parks and gardens, traffic islands and Council flower beds, on this walk I was on the lookout for daffodils.

Two Chapels

At the main entrance to the cemetery in front of the twin chapels, are two circular beds and daffodils are flowering in both.
Information Board

On one of the circular beds a board installed at the instigation of the Friends group - there's another near the entrance at the other side of the cemetery - includes photographs and a little bit of the history of the cemetery.
War Memorial

Both circular beds can be seen here with the information board on the near one. The War Memorial stands beyond the other bed and in the distance outside the cemetery on 'Illy 'Oleys, a narrow strip of yellow on the grass (between the Memorial and the Board) denotes more daffodils planted a few years ago by pupils from Chaucer Junior School.
Perimeter Path

Despite numerous visits to the cemetery there are still areas of it where I have not been previously. This time I decided to walk around the perimeter path for much of the way which took me down the hill to one of the areas near the lowest part of the cemetery.
Grassy Bank

At this time of year of course many floral tributes in the cemetery are mainly of daffodils but I was searching for natural looking beds like this one on the grassy bank.

At the same place but on the other side of the path there was another bed of smaller daffodils behind a strategically positioned bench.

At this lower point were many more clumps of daffodils scattered around the area.
Natural Burial Area

More flowers were growing naturally near the lower entrance where a notice indicated that this area was for "Natural Burials".
Park Cemetery

I continued around the perimeter path and started the climb back up to the chapels along the path that now runs adjacent to Cantelupe Road across from 'Illy 'Oleys.

For weeks now during the pandemic, I've been walking the same streets in the town so this walk, as part of my daily exercise was not morbid at all despite its location and the sight of spring flowers like these adjacent to the Cantelupe Road fence made it much more enjoyable.

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