Ilkeston - The Promise
w/e 07 February 2021
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The country mourned 100 year old Captain Sir Tom Moore who died this week but his autobiography is called "Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day" and early signs of spring promise better days ahead.

Yellow Crocuses

That promise can be seen in nature and yellow crocuses are already flowering on 'Illy 'Oleys but with freezing temperatures and possibly snow in the forecast, I wonder if their appearance is a little premature.
Daffodil Shoots

Across the road on Park Cemetery, the green shoots of daffodils are also already pushing their way up through the grass.
Garden of Remembrance

In the Garden of Remembrance adjacent to the Market Place, there are a few clumps of snowdrops.
Flowering Currant

And this is a close up of a flowering currant in front of the library.

The beds either side of the war memorial have been planted with primulas and although some of them do look a little bedraggled, others are flowering.
Stanton Road Cemetery

Stanton Road Cemetery is usually a good place to look for spring flowers and there are snowdrops in the shelter offered by the foot of a tree just inside the entrance.
Crocus Bed

At the far end of the cemetery it was quite slippery on the rain-soaked and leaf covered turf where hundreds of crocuses are already putting in an appearance but it'll be a while yet before they flower.
Giant's View

The Ilson Giant will have to wait a while to see any flowers from his position looking back towards the entrance.

More snowdrops line one side of a grave but they are on the opposite side to the Giant.

But if we had any doubts about better times to come, shelves of plants at the supermarkets and on the market stalls only serve to confirm the promise that spring is on the way - we just have to get past the freezing weather in next week's forecast!

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