Ilkeston - After The Storm
w/e 24 January 2021
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Coronavirus restrictions mean we must stay at home as much as possible but we can go out for essential shopping, childminding and for exercise. The day after Storm Christoph swept through the district we combined all three and took great grandchild number five to the shops and if anyone thinks pushing a pushchair laden with a child and a weekly shop from the bottom to the top of Bath Street doesn't qualify as exercise, they should try it some time! But before we did that we took a walk through Victoria Park.

Saturated Ground

Council workmen were busy picking up small branches and twigs that had been blown off the trees during the storm but the ground was still sodden and there were puddles everywhere.

Where the grass had been worn thin previously around the bandstand there were muddy patches.

And to reach the seats around the bandstand, you would have had to negotiate a big puddle.
Play Area

Water and mud were also evident near the play area.
Duke Oak

Rainwater had also drained down the slope from under the Duke Oak.
Draining Water

The path from the play area (to the left) also provided an easy route for the water to drain away ....

... and form a stream to the park exit onto Manners Road.
Central Beds

No it's not a new paddling pool feature in Victoria Park, just an accumulation of water near the central flower beds.


The cafe in the bowls pavilion was open so before we left the park we treated ourselves to a coffee.

Despite all the rain the bowling green seemed to have coped well so we sat for a while to drink our coffee and survey the scene from a park bench using plastic carrier bags to protect our clothes from the damp. Then it was off to the shops and that long trek up Bath Street.

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