Ilkeston - Mist & Frost
w/e 10 January 2021
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

During the first lockdown we stayed at home for much of the time. Our shopping trips were usually done in the car and although our mental wellbeing didn't suffer, our physical stamina certainly did. Although we spent a lot of time working in the garden and reaped the benefits during the summer, we missed our daily walks and when we did venture out on foot when the restrictions were eased, we found it very tiring. We determined not to let it happen again and vowed to get out if only for a short walk as often as possible. These images come from one such short walk.

Wade Ave Access

Other parts of the country had had freezing fog but here it was only misty but was still cold and icy underfoot as we opted for a walk along the Erewash Canal towpath, accessing it from the bottom of Wade Avenue.
Green's Lock

From the access point we could see Green's Lock to the right.
Icy Canal

The most noticeable thing though was the thin ice covering the water.
Wide Path

We normally walk on the other side of the canal and saw several people there on the narrow path. There is much more room on this side though and although we didn't meet anyone coming towards us, there is much more room for social distancing.

Whilst walking along the path we also saw a couple of trains speeding along next to the towpath on the opposite side.
Sudbury Avenue

On the left we passed the end of Sudbury Avenue and here we can see the frosty and misty conditions.
Larklands Play Area

The path leads to the Larklands Play Area off Heathfield Avenue leaving the canal bank slightly with the space between filled with frost covered undergrowth.


It was here that a robin was flitting about in the trees and bushes. He posed several times but flew off as soon as I pointed the camera at him. This is about the best of several shots that I attempted.
Canal Bridge

Some of the undergrowth has been cleared near the bridge at Potter's Lock and there was no ice on the canal which meant that three swans could go a'swimming.
Potter's Lock

We left the play area at Potter's Lock and made our way back to the warmth of home.

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