Ilkeston - Kirk Hallam Lake
w/e 29 November 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Kirk Hallam Lake

The Lakeside Festival at Kirk Hallam was one of many casualties of the pandemic this year but the lake is still there and was our destination for a pleasant walk on a cold and frosty morning.

A mound at the edge of the lake is a favourite spot for birds to congregate as they wait for people to stop in the lay-by off Godfrey Drive and bring food for them. On this particular morning they appeared to be well fed and they just sat and watched us.
Picnic Table

We could have sat at a picnic table to enjoy the scenery but the seats were damp and we'd come for a walk anyway.

We followed the path in an anti-clockwise direction around the lake heading first of all towards the school, the Kirk Hallam Community Academy.

The Island

Trees on the island in the lake were reflected in the still water.
Old Lock

At the back of the lake, that's the side furthest away from the road, the path passes an old stone wall seen here on the right. The wall is the remains of an old lock on the former Nutbrook Canal.

It was here that a few ducks swan towards us so we threw some corn down for them. The word soon got round and more ducks arrived.
Feeding Frenzy

As we continued around the lake a look back showed a feeding frenzy in full swing.

As we followed the path and turned to head back towards Godfrey Drive there is a wider expanse of land and some mature trees stand between the path and the water.
Still Water

We concluded our walk with one last look across the still water.

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