Kimberley - Hall Om Wong
w/e 11 October 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Hall Om Wong

"Queen Elizabeth Field" plaqueI've passed Hall Om Wong on Eastwood Road in Kimberley numerous times and have often wondered about the name. It has always sounded Chinese-like to me and I could never see why it would be associated with that country but apparently the name is derived from the old English. Broxtowe Borough Council's website explains that it means “Mr Hall’s home piece of land” but now it's classed as an "Open Space". Since the Jubilee in 2012 it has also been designated a "Queen Elizabeth Field" by the charity "Fields in Trust". In other words, it's a park and recreation ground with a Local Nature Reserve so it's high time we had a look at it.
Play Area

And like many other a recreation ground, just inside the entrance is the obligatory play equipment for children.
Wooden Feature

A path leads past the play area and up the hillside but a wooden feature to the left of the path caught our attention.
Carved Seat

This turned out to be a low seat carved out of the wood with a variety of birds and animals incorporated into the design.

Wild Flowers

A swathe of wild flowers adds a splendid bed of colour and winds up the hill.
Autumn Trees

The higher ground is a wooded area and in October already has a good display of autumn colours.
Woodland Path

The main path up the hill leads out into a housing estate but there are several more woodland paths and we followed this one.

It's only a small wood and we soon dropped down again into the parkland and headed for a fenced area on the left.
Fenced Pond

The fence surrounded a small pond and at one time access to it would not have been restricted but now health and safety regulations especially near an area were children are likely to be playing account for the fence.
Skate Park

As we made our way out of Hall Om Wong we passed more play equipment this time for older children including a zip line and a skate park. Next time I pass the park, I'll have more of an appreciation of what lies beyond the entrance and maybe I won't even think of China!

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