Watnall - The Village
w/e 19 July 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Watnall is an area to the north of and adjacent to Kimberley and Nuthall. Expansion from the original villages means that they all tend to merge into one larger settlement. All the images below were taken in a roughly triangular area bounded by Trough Road, Holly Road and along Main Road.

Watnall Green

We parked on Trough Road and walked across an open area of parkland between Trough Road and Holly Road known as Watnall Green.

We continued along Holly Road to the junction of Main Road where we would eventually turn to the north but a little way down Main Road southwards is the large Hovis Bakery. Many years ago I remember this being the Blanchards Bakery but Blanchards bread is now long gone.

Whereas west of Main Road is residential with a few small business, the land to the east is occupied mainly by industrial and business concerns although some of it is devoted to the Watnall Allotments.
Meteorological Station

Next to the allotments are the premises that are familiar to anyone with an interest in the weather forecast for the is the home of the Watnall Meteorological Station.

The Royal Oak

A Commercial Vehicle Testing Station stands next and on the other side of the road is one of the village pubs, The Royal Oak.
WI Hall

Also opposite is the Watnall WI Hall which today is home to the Watnall Pre-School group.
The Queen's Head

We continued along Main Road and a little way beyond the junction with Trough Road is another pub, this one being The Queen's Head.
Watnall Hall Site

Across from The Queen's Head is an estate that was developed in or around the 1970s on land that was once the grounds of, and the site of the former Watnall Hall.
Watnall Spinney

Returning to Trough Road we walked back to the car and had a brief look in Watnall Spinney on the way. This is a Nature Reserve that contains a small pond.
Wood Carving

There is also an impressive wood carving in the spinney but it proved difficult to get a good shot of it due to there being a fence on the left and I would have fallen in the pond if I moved any further to the right.I made do with some closer shots to show the detail.

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