Ilkeston - Flowers Around The Market
w/e 21 June 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

It was back to the old routine this week as with coronavirus restrictions still much in evidence and our outings have been mainly restricted to walks through the town centre. So for this selection of photos we decided to look at the flowers that are starting to add some welcome colour around the Market Place.

Market Place

Council workers despite the lockdown have been busy in recent weeks planting and the line of tubs in the Market Place are already looking colourful.
Cenotaph Flowers

Red, dark green and silver appears to be this year's theme as evidenced by the planting around the Cenotaph.

Corner Cafe

The Corner Cafe has only just been allowed to re-open and customers sitting outside will soon be able to admire the roses and other flowers.
Garden of Remembrance

There are roses too in the Garden of Remembrance.

In front of the Cantelupe Centre are two beds full of geraniums.

St Mary's Church is currently closed for public worship but either side of the main door the planters are overflowing with flora.

The beds either side of the entrance to the church are filling out nicely with a variety of plants.
Town Hall

Here's a closer look at one of the tubs before we head over to the Town Hall.
Colour Scheme

The red and dark green colour scheme at the Cenotaph is repeated in the narrow beds in front of the Town Hall.
Hanging Baskets

But the hanging baskets that line the Market Place and also feature on South Street and Bath Street are full of a variety of colours.

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