Ilkeston - Lockdown Shopping
w/e 24 May 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

2m Apart

We've kept our shopping trips to a minimum during the coronavirius lockdown and when we have ventured out kept to the social distancing 2m apart. With the restrictions being relaxed slightly this week we have been out a little more and walked to the Market Place on Saturday where this home made sign by the fruit and veg stall acted as a reminder to everyone. The rest of these images come from our Thursday exercise walk when we need to pick up one or two items we hadn't bought on our "big" shop which we do every ten to fourteen days.

Bath Street

The majority of the shops of course were closed but we needed to go to Wilko on Bath Street and so joined the queue on the left. The one on the right was for the NatWest Bank.

The Wilko windows were decorated with posters featuring rainbows coloured by children to thank the NHS and other key workers and provided something to study as we queued.
Albion Centre

Queues were also the order of the day in the Albion Centre and even the pigeon as he headed for the back of the queue was keeping that 2m distance.
Bank Queue

There were two queues for Lloyds Bank, one for counter service and another for the outside cash machines. Queuing has always been a way of life in the UK but it is more apparent now because of social distancing.
Market Place

More traders have returned to the Thursday market this week although some have been regulars throughout the lockdown.
Mark Copper

Mark Copper's meat lorry is one of those who have turned up every week and was parked in its usual spot by the library.

Fresh Farm Eggs

The egg man has also been a regular. Even though eggs have been scarce in the supermarkets, the chickens haven't stopped laying during the lock down.
Protective Clothing

On Thursday the traders were joined by another selling protective clothing.
Fresh Grimsby Fish

And fresh Grimsby fish was being sold from the back of a van.
Leen Valley Plants

The relaxation of the lockdown restrictions has allowed garden centres and nurseries to reopen and judging by the queue many people were glad to see the return of the Leen Valley Plant stall. Life is slowing returning to normal although that is a new normal - 2m apart of course.

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