Ilkeston - Park'n'Rec
w/e 17 May 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

It's really not very far at all from home to Victoria Park but this was our longest walk for several weeks since the lockdown had been imposed. With the restrictions being eased slightly we decided it would be OK to extend our daily exercise and merrily set off.

Victoria Park

It was perhaps not the best idea to do this longer walk on the warmest day of the week and we quickly realised the relative inactivity over the previous seven weeks had not done our fitness any good and we were ready for a sit down on one of the benches once we arrived at the park.
Social Distancing

Our walk to the park coincided with it being "between the seasons" as all the flower beds had been emptied in readiness for the new summer planting. Other visitors to the park, like us, were observing the social distancing advice and all the occupied benches along the long border had only one or two persons at the most on them.
Blue Skies

We sat for a while just enjoying the pleasant surroundings and being in out in the open air in the warm weather and under the blue skies.

Park Path

After a while we continued our walk and made our way through the park taking the path up by the bandstand to the Drummond Road/Bristol Road exit gates.

This of course took us past the pergola.

Before leaving the park, we paused to look at the trees down the Bristol Road side including the Copper Beech and Horse Chestnut that are now in full leaf.
The Rec

From the park we walked down King George Avenue to the Rutland Sports Park, formerly the Rutland Recreation Ground and to Ilkestonians, it's still the Rec. The easing of the lockdown restrictions meant that people were once again allowed to engage in sporting activities whilst maintaining social distancing and here several were kicking a ball to each other.

Tennis Courts

For the first time in quite a while the tennis courts were open and one was being used.
Bowling Green

The bowling green was still closed however but the green itself looked to be in excellent condition.

As on the park, some trees are already in full leaf but others like this one overlooking the bowling green are still covered with blossom.
Play Area

Not that we had forgotten but as we left the Rec, a notice on the gate reminded everyone entering this way that Covid-19 was still a threat and that in view of this, the children's play are was closed.

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