Ilkeston - VE Day 75th Anniversary
w/e 10 May 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

75 VE Day Header

We've obviously not done as much walking as we would normally do during the coronavirus lockdown and have been restricted to shopping trips or a little exercise on short walks literally "around the block". With Friday May 8th 2020 however being the 75th anniversary of VE Day we did manage a longer walk . The majority of the planned events to celebrate the day have been cancelled but in true British spirit, the people of Ilkeston made the best of a bad job.


The pubs are still not allowed to be open but that didn't stop Hogarth's decorating their premises.

Hardly any of the shops were decorated though but individual home like this one were flying the flags.

Bedroom windows too seemed to be a good place to drape flags and bunting.
75 Years

And this one over a downstairs window left no-one in any doubt about what the celebration was about.

On our walk we saw bunting strung across several streets.

It was easier for neighbours in some streets like this cul-de-sac to join together whilst still socially distancing of course to decorate the whole street.

And some streets had really gone to town with their decorations that included bunting, garlands, flags and balloons too.
St James Avenue

St James Avenue was one street where the community spirit was to the fore.
Walls & Fences

Fences, walls and gates on both sides of the road were festooned with decorations.


In normal times people would have gathered around the Cenotaph to mark the occasion and there may have been a small ceremony there during the day, but when we passed and paused to pay our respects to all those mentioned on the memorial who perished before the end of the war, the Market Place was almost deserted. Whilst we can make the most of the anniversary of the end of the war in Europe we must never forget that victory over Japan, VJ Day, did not come until August 1945 and without the sacrifice of so many lives we wouldn't be able to enjoy the freedom we have today. After six years of war and with condolences to all the families and friends of all who have lost their lives in the current pandemic, it puts a few weeks' inconvenience due to coronavirus into perspective. Be thankful for what we have, stay home, stay safe.

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