Ilkeston - Permitted Exercise
w/e 12 April 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Under the current government lockdown guidelines, we can go out once a day for essential shopping or some exercise making sure we keep 2m away from other people. That meant we've followed the advice to "Stay At Home" and haven't been out for several days.


We've spent a lot of time in the back garden doing jobs in the fine weather but when we stepped out of the front door on Saturday morning for a short walk to stretch our legs and get some of that exercise that we've missed, we were greeted with a fine display of irises against the fence.

We made our way to 'Illy 'Oleys and saw not another soul walking although one or two vehicles passed us and a council vehicle pulled up to allow the driver to empty ta rubbish bin. Spring has sprung since we were last here and a tree covered in blossom looked magnificent.

The path up to the bridge under Chalons Way was also devoid of pedestrians and even the squirrels that can normally be seen here were conspicuous by their absence.

Still no-one about as we approached the steps up by the museum.
Saturday Market

There were only three traders on the Saturday market, the meat lorry by the library, the egg stall and the household goods stall whose display consisted mainly of toilet rolls. No shortage here!

On South Street there were some people about and the queues for meat and bread saw that 2m gap being maintained.
Easter Display

All the other shops were closed but the Wedding Boutique had gone to the effort of creating a display in their window for Easter.
Flower Beds

On White Lion Square the flowers in the five beds on the island are looking splendid but traffic was extremely light on the normally busy Chalons Way.

Many windows in domestic premises are displaying drawings of rainbows by children to show support for the NHS and other key workers with the message "Stay Safe".


But for us it was quickly back home to spend more time in the garden to do more jobs and also enjoy the rainbow colours in the flowers.

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