West Hallam - Swan Lake
w/e 12 January 2020
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

As we enter the third decade of the twenty first century, it's inevitable that we will be revisiting some places that we have visited previously for photos for this site. The Straw's Bridge Nature Reserve or Swan Lake as it is commonly known is just one of them.

Straws Bridge Sign

The sign at the entrance reads "Straws Bridge" which refers to an area much bigger than Swan Lake itself although for this visit we limited ourselves to a short walk around the perimeter of the lake.
Swan Lake

We left the car park where most of the birds gather on the edge of the lake and walked around the lake in an anti-clockwise direction.

Canada Geese

Although known as Swan Lake, an alternative name could well be Canada Goose Lake!
Mallard Ducks

Mallards were sheltering and feeding in the undergrowth between the path and the water.
Car Park

After completing the circuit of the lake we returned to the car park - and the birds!

Gulls were lined up on the fence that separates the vehicles from the water.

The gulls along with the other birds were expectantly waiting for food from the visitors but unfortunately by this time we had exhausted the supply of corn we had taken with us.
In Flight

With no food forthcoming they took to the air and circled round in all directions narrowly avoiding each other.
Swans A'swimming

According to the Christmas Carol there should be seven swans a'swimming but here there were eight and there were many more nearby as well.
Mute Swan

And they are not afraid of getting up close and personal either. As well as swans, Canada geese, mallards and gulls, Swan Lake is also home to tufted ducks, grebes, moorhens and coots and is visited by chiff chaffs, blackcaps, pochard ducks and swallows (among others). A large selection of butterflies and dragonflies can also be seen here. We didn't notice any on this visit but paraphrasing Arnold Schwarzenegge, no doubt "We'll be back!"

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