Derby - The Knife Angel
w/e 27 October 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Iron Gate

Thousands of people have already visited the Knife Angel outside Derby Cathedral and many will have approached like us along Iron Gate.
At The Cathedral

Standing 27 feet high the sculpture has been on display at the Cathedral since October 1st and will remain until October 30th when it is due to be moved to its next location at Chester.

Marshals are present to hand out leaflets with information about the figure and, as knife crime is on the rise throughout the country, imploring people not to carry knives.

More information is displayed on a banner on the railings around the Angel.

The railings also have many tributes to victims of knife crime and other comments tied to them.

Twenty two year old Tom Webb was killed in a knife attack by a sixteen year old in January 2016 and his mother Rachel has been instrumental in bringing the Angel to the city. The question still being asked about these needless deaths all over the country is summed up in the one word "Why".

The Knife Angel

The sculpture itself has been created from about 100.000 blades that have been handed in during police surrenders and it was made by sculptor Alfie Bradley and the British Ironwork Centre.
Rear View

It is equally as impressive from behind as from the front.
Back and Front

Closer inspection of the back (left) and front (right) shows how the blades and knives have been used to create the Angel.
Angel's Face

The pained expression on the face of the Angel surely has an impact on anyone who sees the sculpture and is a reminder of the hurt felt by the families of the victims. Two sentences in bold letters on the leaflets being given out are worth repeating: -
"The knife Angel is a symbol of defiance and change, shining a spotlight on Britain's knife crime problem and its impact on communities, families and individuals."
" The Angel is helping to raise awareness of violent crime and helping young people understand the reasons not to carry knives."

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