Ilkeston - Another Classic
w/e 11 August 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

With the Carnival and Summer Sounds events both falling victim to the weather this year and having seen the forecast for this weekend, I had some serious doubts about whether the Heritage & Classic Vehicle Show would actually take place on Sunday August 11th. Thankfully my fears were unfounded and I was able to take a few shots of the event. On the other hand, a camera malfunction meant that I was only able to download about half of the photos I took. All those of the Art Exhibition in the Cantelupe Centre, the Lower Market, Bath Street, East Street and the Museum disappeared into thin air so this selection is from the Market Place, Pimlico and Wharncliffe Road area only.

Market Place

The changeable weather probably deterred some people but even the rain at about 11:30am didn't put others off.
Ilkeston Brass

Ilkeston Brass however were nowhere to be seen although their instruments were getting a soaking outside the Town Hall.
 Morris Minors

On the car park at the back of the Town Hall the East Midlands Branch of the Notts and Derbys Morris Minors Owner's Club displayed their classic vehicles.
Pimlico Car Park

And the Pimlico Car Park was taken over by heavy vehicles a Craft Fair and stalls.

Wharncliffe Road

At the side of the Town Hall on Wharncliffe Road were a number of old buses including this Midland General for Swingate and a steam engine was just arriving to park outside the old Police Station a throw back to two different time periods.
Barton's Buses

On the Market Place a fleet of old Barton's buses were also a throw back to another era but still made an impressive display.
Sports Cars

With the rain still pouring down bikers took shelter under the canopy on the former Co-Op building behind a row of sports cars.

As the rain eased and eventually stopped they returned to their bikes which were parked all around the War Memorial.

Also close to the War Memorial were three gazebos manned by representatives of the Ilkeston Life newspaper, the Local History Society and the Friends of Bennerley Viaduct, three organisations all doing valuable work for the local community.


Many people were wearing hats because of the weather but it was the bonnets (and the vehicles behind them) that were drawing most attention.
Large & Small

Fortunately the weather cleared up and all those who attended the event must surely have enjoyed seeing all the different vehicles large and small.

Lancaster Bomber

By the time 3:00pm had come round I'd returned home but just after heard the roar of an aircraft engine overhead which reminded me the a Lancaster Bomber was due to fly over the Heritage event at 3:07pm, weather permitting. Dashing outside with camera and hoping it would not malfunction again, I managed just a couple of shots as it circled the Market Place and then passed overhead before disappearing into the distance. On a day of Classic and Heritage vehicles, this is yet another classic.

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