Heanor - Formerly
w/e 04 August 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

I've been looking at some old maps for Heanor, Ilkeston's northern neighbour about four miles away. Like Ilkeston, the town centre in Heanor has a number of architecturally interesting buildings clustered around a Market Place, many of which were formerly used for other purposes or at least were known by different names.

Market Place

The Town Hall (c.1867) for example that overlooks the Market Place probably served a similar purpose in 1881 but was labelled on a map of that year as "Public Offices". It is now Grade II listed.

Next to the Town Hall is another Grade II listed building which appears to be empty at the moment but was not only the former Midland Bank but later became a branch of HSBC. Lettering on the stonework at the top of the building reads "NJSB 1895".
 King of Prussia

It is not uncommon for pubs to change their names and The King of Prussia a little further along the road was formerly (there's that word again) the Midland Hotel. And if you are wondering what the King of Prussia was, it was the title Frederick the Great started using in 1772 after he took over a lot of the Kingdom of Poland. I'm not sure there is any significant connection with Heanor.
St Lawrence's Church

It's not just pubs that change their names - referring to that 1881 map again, St Lawrence's Church is shown as St Michael's Church. The town's War Memorial can just be seen behind the notice board at the entrance to the church.
Mining Memorial

Church Street continues past the church to become Mansfield Road which goes down the hill to Langley Mill. Near the top of the hill however is a memorial headstock remembering the former coal mining industry. The board in front of the memorial includes a map showing all the local collieries with photos of many of them and also an interesting screed about the industry and its demise.

Park Gates

At a road junction between the memorial and the church Ilkeston Road leads off towards Marlpool and on to Ilkeston and a little way along it is the Heanor Memorial Park. The park was created after the Second World War, the main entrance gates formerly being at Derby Lodge in the Shipley Hall Estate.

Next to the park is a large building called Shanakiel which formerly contained the Council offices.
Heanor Library

Opposite Shanakiel is Heanor Library but this building has not had any former use. In fact it is a new build following a structural report in 2014 that recommended the original library should close unless it was immediately renovated. This new building was the result on the same site.
Former School

Turning back towards the town centre and a left turn into Mundy Street leads past a large building that has obviously seen better times. Currently standing empty it was formerly Heanor Grammar School and after that part of the South East Derbyshire College. Even further back that 1881 map shows the site occupied by The Hall.
Fire Station

A right turn leads back to the Market Place along Wilmot Street and a small red brick building that was formerly the town's Fire Station. The current Fire Station stands on Ilkeston Road.

Oh and in case you were wondering Heanor was formerly called Hainoure from the Old English "heah" meaning "high" and "ofer" meaning "ridge, river bank".

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