Here & There - Time Flies
w/e 28 July 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

I didn't fancy wandering around in the record breaking temperatures and the heatwave we've been experiencing this week so I don't have any "new" images to offer. When the weather did break I had other things to do which more or less forced my hand. I began to think about the places we've visited around this time of year during the last decade and was surprised by how long ago it was since some of those excursions. But as the expression goes "Time flies when you're having fun!" And it has been rather enjoyable to see these places so this selection of pictures come from various locations both locally and a little further afield. Although they have been taken over a number of years, , I don't think any of them have previously been seen on this site.

Alport Heights

I still find it hard to believe that this view of the countryside around Alport Heights at Ashleyhay was taken nine years ago in July 2010.

And it is equally startling to realise it is eight years since we walked among the tree tops in the National Forest in the Conkers attraction at Moira in 2011.

The London Olympics of 2012 still last long in the memory but we've had Rio 2016 since then and are only a year away from Tokyo 2020. This picture though is one I took whilst following the Village Trail at Draycott seven years ago as the village got in the mood for the London Games in 2012.
Nottingham Canal

It was another trail we followed a year later from Trowell which took us along the disused Nottingham Canal at the end of July in 2013.

Queen's Park

Looking back through the archives my initial reaction was "Is it really five years since we were in Loughborough?" but the answer provided by this picture taken in Queen's Park in July 2014 confirms that it definitely was.
Tapton Lock

I had a similar reaction when I found that it was four years since we went to Chesterfield to visit Tapton Lock and enjoyed a walk along the Chesterfield Canal from there in 2015.
Kelham Hall

Even though our visit to Kelham Hall in 2016 was only three years ago it really doesn't seem that long. This was a trip with a group from church and probably because I see most of them regularly, it has shortened the passage of time. But as I said earlier, time flies and this image only serves to prove it.
The Beach

Two years ago during the summer of 2017 it was standing room only at The Beach in the grounds of the Erewash Museum but this could have been any of a number of recent years as it is an annual occurrence so so I don't get that feeling of "Has it been that long since ....?"

There has been much talk this week about the weather and the hot days particularly on Thursday when records tumbled across Europe but the prolonged fine, dry weather of 2018 meant that we were able to pick blackberries in our garden this time last year. This year although a good harvest is still likely, none are ready for picking.
Summer Sounds

Which brings us to this year. I was hoping to get some shots of the Summer Sounds event in Victoria Park this afternoon Sunday July 28th 2019 but sadly that has gone the same way as this year's Carnival - cancelled due to the weather. The only sounds likely to be heard in the park today are the pitter-patter of raindrops on the bandstand roof. So I've had to dig back into the archives again for this photo of Johnny Victory performing at the Summer Sounds event in 2017. So we'll have to wait another year for Summer Sounds but as you know it won't be that long - time flies!

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