Ilkeston - Just In Case
w/e 09 June 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

I was hoping to take some photos of Ilkeston's Carnival on Saturday for this page but with rain forecast for Friday I anticipated the event being cancelled due to wet conditions on the Recreation Ground. There wasn't going to be a parade through the town anyway so I took a few shots in the garden before the rain arrived "just in case"! The Friday forecast was correct and with Saturday not looking much better it was no surprise when the cancellation was confirmed so the "just in case" photos have come to the fore. An alternative event the "Hemlock Happening" in Bramcote Hills Park also fell victim to the weather and that too was cancelled.

Hanging Basket

The hanging basket is starting to fill out nicely.

The parsley in a pot is doing well too but the basil, sown at the same time, still has a way to go.

An old tub that has stood at the bottom of the garden for years has been given a new lease of life this year with the addition of a terracotta pot and another selection of hanging basket plants.
Trailing Fuchsia

As has a large ornamental pot where the trailing fuchsia has produced some large flowers.
Fuchsia Bush

Another large fuchsia bush that produces copious amounts of foliage but only tiny white flowers has resisted all attempts to be removed over a number of years and returned again this year with its usual display of delicate blooms.

Another delicate flower is the aquilegia, a pretty flower but be warned - the plants spread quickly and will tend to take over the whole garden.

Cornflowers need very little attention and produce spidery blue and purple flowers year after year.
Bush Geranium

The bush geraniums need to be kept in check and although now producing some pink flowers that the insects love do tend to spread quickly and can produce a lot of ground cover. They also allow long stems of unwanted grass to grow through them that are difficult to remove.

The self planting foxgloves that have sprung up are doing well in the shelter of the fence.


And no English garden - it doesn't have to be a country garden - would be complete without at least one rose.

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