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Beeston Rylands - Canalside Heritage Crafts Day
w/e 19 May 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

When we went on a circular Country Walk around Beeston Rylands in June 2013 (link) we learned that funding had been secured to prepare plans to restore the cottages at Beeston Lock and create a Canal Museum. Now almost five years later those plans have been realised and a Heritage Centre is fully operational. We recently attended a Crafts Day there from where all the following photos were obtained.

Beeston Lock

Outwardly the Lock Keeper's Cottage has hardly changed in those five years although the shrubs and trees have matured somewhat.

Maids of Clifton

We arrived at the adjoining Heritage Centre just in time to see a performance by the Maids of Clifton dance group.
Heritage Centre

The grounds in front of the Heritage Centre have also been improved and on the other side of the building a Community Garden has been established.

The Centre has a shop where souvenirs may be purchased and a tea room both of which appeared to be doing good business at this Crafts Day event.
Rag Rugging

In a small room adjoining the shop there was a display of rag rugging by Christine Marshall.
Leather Goods

On the upper floor of the Heritage Centre there was also a display of handmade leather goods.
Bobbin Making

In an adjacent room Doug Hart demonstrated the art of bobbin making with a selection of his finished bobbins which are used in lace making shown in the inset picture.
Spinning & Weaving

Spinning and weaving demonstrations were taking place in the largest room in the upper storey.
Lace Making

In the same room lace making was also being done by ladies wearing traditional costume.
Canal Art

The final demonstration in this room was Rachael's Canal Art where the lady in question showed the steps needed to build up pictures of flowers (see inset) with a few strokes of the brush.

The main attraction of the day of course was the various craft displays but it may not be another five years before we return to study the permanent museum displays that we only glanced in passing.
Link to Canalside Heritage Centre website.

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