Dale Abbey - Return to Ockbrook Wood
w/e 28 April 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Church & Farm

We are often drawn to the same locations during the various seasons of the year and in the spring, bluebell woods are high on the list of places to visit. This year the wood of choice is seen here behind the semi-detached church/farmhouse at Dale Abbey as we made a return visit to Ockbrook Wood repeating a similar walk made in May 2014 (link).

Passing through the gate to Vergers Farm the first thing to capture our attention was an old tree stump that at first glance looked like a small rockery. I believe the correct term though is a stumpery.

We had a choice at the rear of the farmhouse to follow the path up the hill to the left into Hermit's Wood or to continue straight ahead through a gate and round another track to Ockbrook Wood. Our choice this time was Ockbrook Wood.
To Ockbrook

In the wood there are two main paths. One follows the northern boundary at the foot of the escarpment whilst the other (above) ascends the hillside on the left leaving the wood at the top to cross the fields to Ockbrook village. We stuck to the lower path but another family in the wood with a dog that was enjoying scampering among the bluebells climbed (literally) the hillside.
Rope Swing

The children were obviously familiar with the wood and made straight for a rope swing on one of the trees. Having seen videos on such TV shows as "You've Been Framed" where such escapades have come to grief I decided not to try myself but such is the exuberance of youth!
To Dunshill

We followed the path as far as the gate out of the wood, the path beyond leading past Columbine Farm and on to Dunshill on the main Ilkeston to Derby road.

Turning back the hillside, now on our right, was covered with bluebells.

Ockbrook Wood is not large by any means but there must be thousands if not millions of the flowers.
Close Up

And of course there has to be the obligatory close up on some of the bluebells.
East Window Ruin

We retraced our steps back into the village at Dale Abbey and like the obligatory bluebell picture, there was also the chance to photograph the remains of the east window arch that is such a renowned feature of the village and can be seen from here behind the white cottage.

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