Ilkeston - Just Another Saturday
w/e 24 March 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

This weekend marks the first since the vernal equinox so now we're officially in spring and whatever was going on elsewhere life continued as normal in Ilkeston. These images then are just a few random shots taken whilst out walking with the dog and doing a bit of shopping on what for most people was just another Saturday morning.

Market Place

It was not so very long ago that market traders filled the whole of the Market Place but this week the space at the library end was empty.

The stalls that were there though added some spring colour with, for example, lots of primroses on sale.

Fruit & Veg

A large selection of fruit and vegetables also added more colour to the proceedings.
Bath Street

The fine weather had brought lots of shoppers out and Bath Street was quite busy.
Street Furniture

On Bath Street too there were lots of labels stuck to the ground warning of wet paint around most of the street furniture. Work has been going on all week repainting the bollards, rubbish bins and seats and looks set to continue next week too.

The "Wet Paint" labels can be seen here too outside the Albion Centre although I think the paint was probably dry by this time but signs of spring were also visible here with the blossom on the trees,

Our dog walk took us past many other trees too including several magnolia trees like this one.
Trimmed Trees

As well as the paint work that has been going on all week, tree "trimming" has also been taking place.
(This took me back to art classes in my school days. I once drew a country scene with trees like this and a man up a ladder with a saw. I wasn't good at drawing trees with leaves. The teacher reprimanded me saying that you didn't see trees with sawn of branches - I beg to differ and here's the proof!)
Work In Progress

Like the painting, tree trimming too is set to continue! At least I assume so as I don't think this one will be left like this indefinitely.

After our exertions shopping, we were fortified for our walk home with a coffee in the local supermarket. Well you don't want to overdo it, do you? I've got a tree to trim.

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