Ilkeston - David & Victoria
w/e 03 March 2019
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The title of this page "David & Victoria" is not as some my think a reference to the Beckhams but just a shortened description of St David's Day in Victoria Park.


Meteorologically St David's Day, March 1st, is the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere although the astronomical spring is on or around March 21st. The mild weather of late though has encouraged the spring flowers to show although many are not yet fully in flower like these on the bank below the bowls pavilion in the park.

Some of the trees in the park have also started to blossom.
Central Beds

Bedding plants in the centre of the park are also flowering.

A signpost points to the bandstand, play area and Leisure Centre whilst the adjacent catkins that normally appear during January and February are another pointer to spring.
Long Border

The plants in the long border are still to come to life but a few daffodils the national emblem of Wales put in an appearance for St David's Day.

More daffodils are showing across the central beds on the bank beneath the bandstand.

The most plentiful flowers in the park at the moment are of course crocuses and there's a cluster by the path leading to the pergola.

The predominant colour by the path is white although there are one or two purple ones mixed in as well and the green shoots of more daffodils that are also showing through. And of course those sheltered at the foot of a tree are already flowering.

Bristol Road

From beneath the blossom on a purple leaved plum tree the large beds of crocuses at the side of Bristol Road also have a yellow variety in their midst.
The Promise

They are not at their best yet but the hundreds growing here promise another great display in a week or so. It's turned cooler this weekend although still warmer than average for the time of year but spring is definitely on the way.

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