Risley - Open Farm
w/e 09 December 2018
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490Lanes Garden Centre & Open Farm

This complex at Risley is comprised of a Garden Centre, Coffee Shop and Open Farm but the images below are mainly from the farm.


An old tractor is available for children to play on with a warning to parents that it is not supervised and "Children play on it at your own risk".

Buckets of food are available to purchase from the garden centre to feed the animals and some of them were only to eager to avail themselves of the contents.

A cow peered over a gate and was only too pleased to pose for a photo.

The pigs were less interested.

A kid in a barn was a little reticent and seemed resigned to the fact that he would always be at the back of the queue for food as his larger companions pushed him out of the way. We made sure he got his share!
Carrot Eater

Another one in the same barn had a novel way of eating carrots!

A shy donkey peeped at us from the door of his stable - he was probably sulking as a sign asked visitors not to feed the donkeys.

In another shed a number of aviaries contained a variety of birds from the parrot family including budgerigars that were difficult to get a photo of due to the bars and netting of their enclosures.
Golden Pheasant

Outside in another pen, a golden pheasant was a little camera shy and turned his back on me.

Geese in an adjacent pen were more obliging and they looked remarkably clean despite recent rainfall making the ground conditions rather muddy.

Brussel Sprouts

Here's a bonus picture this week as a reminder (as if we needed one) that Christmas is fast approaching for outside the shop on the site were boxes of brussel sprouts.
Funny thing is, we didn't see any turkeys at the farm ....

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