West Hallam - Autumn at Straw's Bridge
w/e 14 October 2018
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Golden Leaves

The golden leaves say autumn but summer weather returned for a few days and tempted us to wander around Straw's Bridge Local Nature Reserve again. An artist was busy capturing the scene nearby.
Swan Lake

We walked in a clockwise direction viewing the autumn colours around the water's edge of what is commonly known as Swan Lake.

We continued through the tunnel under the embankment of the former railway line and were greeted by more autumnal hues.
Smaller Pond

Many of the fallen leaves from the trees surrounding the smaller pond here were floating on the water.
Larger Pond

On the larger pond on the other side of the path the still water was only disturbed by birds swimming towards us.
Manner Floods

Climbing a flight of steps at the far end of the site up the embankment brought another stretch of water into view at Manner Floods.
Eastern Path

We returned to Straw's Bridge LNR along the Nutbrook Trail and dropped down to the path along the eastern side of Swan Lake which was still bathed in warm sunshine.
The Artist

Looking across the lake from the southern end the tree on the left is the same one as the first image on this page and the aforementioned artist can be seen behind his easel.

These were some of the colours he was trying to capture and the pair of swans on the far side probably also featured on his canvass.
Feeding Time

It didn't take the ducks and Canada Geese long to suss out we had a bag of corn and with large numbers of both flocking round we were soon surrounded. Maybe Swan Lake is a misnomer and only a nickname but it does sound more attractive than either Duck Lake or Goose Lake.

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