Matlock Bath - North Parade
w/e 26 August 2018
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Attractively set in the Derwent Valley between high cliffs the area is often referred to as a little Switzerland but with its popularity as a tourist attraction and its amusements, Matlock Bath also has a reputation of being like a seaside resort despite being nearly 100 miles away from the sea.

North Parade

The combination of the scenery and the attractions can be enjoyed with a short walk along North Parade.

With buildings including amusement arcades, souvenir shops and fast food outlets on the right and the River Derwent on the left it is easy to see the similarity of a walk along a promenade in any seaside resort.
Gulliver's Kingdom

Rounding a bend in the river some of the rides at Gulliver's Kingdom - a theme park designed especially for children between the ages of two and thirteen - become visible high up in the trees on the valley side.

But closer to hand on North Parade is the Matlock Bath Aquarium complete with additional displays including the only remaining petrifying well in Matlock Bath and gemstone and hologram displays among others as well as an amusement arcade.

There's also usually a free display in the shape of motorbikes as you can always expect to see a selection parked in Matlock Bath as it is a popular meeting place for their riders. The passing Rover car dating from the late 1940s in the picture was an unexpected bonus though.
Ice Cream

A lot of ice cream will have been sold during this long hot summer but I think most people would struggle to devour one the size of these cones.
High Buildings

At the far end of North Parade where it changes to South Parade we crossed the road and returned down the other side passing a few more more shops and where once again we could see buildings perched high up the valley side.

Most of this side of the road however is a pleasant walk by the River Derwent. The Jubilee Bridge that we crossed in October 2017 when we followed The Lovers' Walk is hidden by the trees in this picture.
Two Paths

As we neared the end of North Parade again, the footpath splits into two with the right hand path leading into the Memorial Gardens.
War Memorial

The War Memorial is visible from both paths and there is more about it and some of the other attractions in Matlock Bath in the Sentimental Journey No. 03 from September 2007.

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