Nottingham - Hoodwinked
w/e 19 August 2018
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490


With a nod to Robin Hood there are over 30 large robins dotted about Nottingham each with one eye closed - hence hood-winked. The exhibition runs from June until September and each robin has been sponsored by an organisation and decorated by a different artist or artists. I didn't see all of them although there is a trail that can be followed but here are a few I spotted on a walk through the city centre.

Where’s Robin?

"Where’s Robin?" is in the Old Market Square and, decorated by Kathleen Smith, is sponsored by the Robin Hood Network.
Saturday Night at the Fair

Also in the Old Market Square is Erin Fleming's "Saturday Night at the Fair" sponsored by the Mellors Group.
Roots of Boots Robin

On High Street outside Jesse Boot's first major chemist's shop is "Roots of Boots Robin" decorated by Julia Allum and naturally enough sponsored by Boots.
Rocket Robin

"Rocket Robin" sponsored by East Midlands Airport, was decorated by Deven Bhurke and is situated in Smithy Row,
Goose Fair, Goose Fowl

Cathy Simpson titled her creation "Goose Fair, Goose Fowl" and sponsored by the Murphy Group it is located in St. Peter’s Square.
A Bird in the Hand

"A Bird in the Hand" near the Albert Street and Castle Gate junction is by Sue Guthrie and was sponsored by the Nottinghamshire Hospice.
intu Centres

"A City Built on Wisdom" by Adam Pekr in the Broadmarsh Centre was sponsored by intu Broadmarsh whilst intu Victoria Centre sponsored Kathleen Smith's "Nottingham Forest" on the Upper Mall of the Victoria Centre.
Ay up me duck

"Ay up me duck" by Koren Holbourn, Claire Thompson and Anna Roberts is keeping the statue of Robin Hood company outside the Castle on Castle Road. It was sponsored by Browne Jacobson.
The Sheriff of Nottingham

Also at the Castle "The Sheriff of Nottingham" by Jodie Silverman is standing guard at the Gatehouse thanks to sponsorship by the Nottingham Castle Transformation Project.
The Green Heart of the City

Cavalry Design sponsored "The Green Heart of the City" at the junction of Milton Street and Lower Parliament Street where the artist is given as Curious? Nottingham.

The sculpture trail is intended to transform Nottingham into the playground of Robin Hood, the legend and master of disguise. Robin Hood of course is renowned for robbing the rich to give to the poor and in October the statues will be auctioned to raise money for the Nottinghamshire Hospice - the legend continues.
For more about the project see the Hoodwinked website.

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