Ilkeston - Harvesting
w/e 12 August 2018
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

The long hot summer has had a devastating effect on the garden with several plants being scorched and more have just shrivelled up and died. Runner bean plants have been going to seed far too quickly and have provided only a handful of boilings but surprisingly cabbages have done well and now as we come into the harvesting season we're finding we have not done too badly at all.


In the greenhouse a couple of pepper plants have supplied a steady flow of produce - but they have been watered regularly.
Gardeners Delight

Tomato plants too have responded well to daily watering and an occasional feed. We haven't grown as many plants as usual but have different varieties including Shirley, Alicante, Money Maker, Sweet Aperitif which are a small fruit variety like the ones pictured above, the perennial favourite, Gardeners Delight.

Raspberries in the garden are also beginning to provide regular pickings which are lovely with ice cream as a dessert and this week blackberries are also ready for picking. The adjacent rhubarb patch has not done as well as usual due to the lack of water but after a couple of showers this week is starting to pick up and we should be able to start pulling a few sticks again soon.

We are not the only ones harvesting - bees are finding rich pickings particularly on the lavender.

A self-starter sunflower, one of several, is also providing a rich harvest for the bees. This one stands over six feet high - that's the sunflower, not the bee!
Red Poppy

We were gifted several packets of flower seeds earlier in the year and I scattered a couple of them together in a small patch and waited to see what they produced. Well one packet contained poppies and the bees are loving these too.
Purple Poppy

The same packet also contained this raggedy type of purple poppy too as well as other types - there is even a white one.

To record this photo as your favourite from this week's selection vote for "Purple Poppy" below.
Orange Zinnia

The other packet contained zinnia seeds and this orange flower is particularly striking.
Red Zinnia

Apparently zinnia flowers are good for cutting to display in vases indoors although this red one is not as perfectly shaped as some of the others and if we took them out of the garden it would surely deprive the bees.
Pink Zinnia

The pink variety adds to the colourful display and with the poppies have created a wonderful patch in the garden despite the lack of rain. Yes, for us it's not a bad harvest at all.

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