Ilkeston - A Change In The Weather
w/e 29 July 2018
All of this week's pictures were taken with a Kodak DX6490

Victoria Park

The long hot summer continued and thousands of people turned up to enjoy the "Summer Sounds" event in Victoria Park with four hours of live music on Sunday 23rd July.

It's been so hot in these parts that even an ostrich made it to the park!

There was a teacup roundabout, a bouncy castle and plenty of other entertainment for children as well as the music.
Summer Sounds

Most visitors gathered around the bandstand and some made a day of it by setting up picnic tables as they stayed for the duration of the event.
Take That Tribute

With Disco music and various tribute acts including those for Dean Martin and Rod Stewart, the event was brought to a conclusion with a Take That tribute.

The hot sunny weather with clear blue skies continued throughout the week but there was a sprinkle of rain overnight - the first for a long time - on Friday night and although we often pass St Thomas's Church on Nottingham Road, it was the first time for many weeks that we had seen its reflection in the puddle at the top of Orchard Street on Saturday morning.
Cracked Earth

The overnight rain had done little though to ease the drought conditions that have caused cracks in the soil like this one on 'Illy 'Oleys, The scorched grass is pretty resilient stuff though and will soon return to pristine condition I'm sure.

Constant care and attention by the Council's Green Space Team has resulted in a marked improvement in the Union Flag flower beds at White Lion Square but there was something else on Saturday that was different = clouds!

Many people have been flagging in the heat but the clouds brought in by a so-called breeze which at times felt like a gale certainly blew the cobwebs away.

Then as the temperature dropped to levels more usually experienced at this time of year, the heatwave came to an end and there was the welcome sight of raindrops on the window pane. So does that mean summer has come to an end? Well probably not as the forecast is for the dry conditions to return next week. The week started with music in the park and ended with rain falling but both could be called "Summer Sounds".

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